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Fishbrain is the world's most popular fishing app. It connects 13mln anglers around the world. It has everything amateur and professional anglers need to hit the water: a map functionality, where users can find the best places for fishing, community feed that allows users to share their most recent experiences, and e-commerce – offering a variety of fishing equipment.

Social e-commerce experience

The first brave step in the process was replacing the existing shop frontend. Commerce is one of the branches of Fishbrain's activity. At that time, they were using 3rd party solutions to offer over 200 brands and 35,000 products on their marketplace. We were to redesign it and convert it from a traditional shop to one which offers a more social experience

Onboarding the team into an existing organization

This is always challenging. We had to adjust quickly, gain a lot of context in a short time to get started. We always pay attention not only to the what but also the why behind each project we work on. In some areas, things were already defined, we had to balance between discovering the context, finding new solutions and not redoing what Fishbrain’s team had already done. It quickly turned out that we share a very similar way of working, probably because we share very similar values in our organizations. That helped us to move fast quickly.

Challenging switch with 13mln users on board

As a team, we were responsible for the project from design to launch. That was quite a challenge considering the timeframe we agreed on, yet we managed to launch the new storefront within 3 months. The launch went as smoothly as it could. We delivered high quality within the agreed-upon time frame and managed to not only recreate the existing functionality but also improve it in many places. We’ve built a solid foundation for further work. We are eager to see how we expand the shop with time. We are ready to study the results, get feedback from the users and make it the most exciting place to shop for fishing gear.


• Fully functioning social e-commerce experience with a brand new frontend
• Successful launch of the new shop with 13mln users onboard
• Established mutual understanding regarding methodologies, approaches, and tools
• Smooth collaboration with the existing team

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