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Struggling to find a reliable partner to support your digital venture? Our unique combination of consultancy and execution ensures efficient growth.


CTO as a Service

We offer a tech specialist who is ready to assume the role of CTO, as well as a product team that is aligned with your business goals.

Instead of relying on timesheets at the end of the month, we communicate our progress through changes in product metrics.

What's included?

Product experts that will work with you on a daily basis
Support in developing business, product and tech strategy
Teams aligned around problems and held accountable for results
Ideation, prototyping, development and deployment of solutions
Work on implementation idea (including financial)
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Experienced CTOs and specialists

Custom software & Low-Code


Data-driven team

You get the expertise and support of a dedicated team, without the hassle and cost of hiring full-time employees.

We'll work with you to understand your unique business needs and build a custom solution that meets your specific requirements.

We offer flexible engagement models, so you can choose the level of support that works best for your business.

We translate business goals into Product Metrics. We build solid foundation for data-driven decisions.

What others say about us

“Their autonomy and ability to work in a product-led, agile environment. Our experience is that most of the software houses prefer to work on a project basis, where they get well-defined requirements and focus mostly on the implementation. This doesn't work for us as our process is very experimental and we want developers not only to produce features but to be engaged from the very beginning, including the product discovery part.”
Wojciech Zawistowski
Director of Engineering, Contractbook
Boosting secondary revenue stream. Our clients often reflect on the countless missed opportunities that could have been seized, just like Fishbrain, which experienced too many limitations with its e-commerce. In some areas, things were already defined. We had to balance discovering the context, finding new solutions and not redoing what Fishbrain’s team had already done. We immediately discovered that we work in a similar manner, probably because we share similar values in our organizations. The result was a successful launch of the new shop with 13 mln users onboard and unlocking new growth opportunities.
Only 3 months from idea conception to onboarding the first client, all while coordinating with financial institutions. Finley approached with the desire to build a FinTech startup that solves problems surrounding complex payments in businesses. They had a go-to-market strategy; the problem was defined, leaving them with the need for a partner who could take responsibility from the technical side. We were there for Finley, standing in front of the technical departments of financial institutions. We deeply grasped business goals. By acting as an integral part of Finley team, we took ownership of the process, giving our partner the freedom to focus on shaping company's future.
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We eliminate inefficiencies in software development

We run a dozens of projects and let our people face problems from those small to big ones. That’s the best way to prepare people to be the best CTOs in the world.

While most software agencies focus solely on delivering software, we take a different approach. We require our teams to understand why we are building something, what effect we want to achieve on the business level, and to use their own expertise to find the most optimal way to do so.