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Handling failures in background workers with Elixir and supervisors
Elixir allows us to write systems that can run practically forever. Does that mean that we don't have to do anything to make our systems reliable?
Why shouldn't you use Elixir code in database migrations?
Elixir code used in migrations can cause troubles when we decide to start up our system with an empty database. But we'll help you to deal with that!
How to migrate live production data
Even simple migrations can be dangerous and when executed incorrectly can lead to errors and downtimes. Avoid these problems with our dev team tips.
Differences in creating testing strategies based on parameters typical of mobile applications
Often testers in their work have contact with mobile and web applications. It may seem that both types can be tested in the same way. But are you sure that's it?
How I changed the default structure of Elixir project to suit my preferences more
Reasonable defaults can make your life easier. I think that most programmers agree with that. Does that mean we should stick to them forever?
Beyond Ruby on Rails
We reveal behind the scenes details of one of the most important decisions we faced in AppUnite and why it turned out as a huge win!
How to keep dependencies up to date
Have you ever struggled updating some dependency because you missed some major updates? You can prevent having them by implementing simple script running automatically.
Open sourcing Imager - yet another image processing service
Release announcement of Imager - our brand new image processing proxy service. Written in Elixir, it provides easy solution to thumbnailing problem by using URL query string.
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